Our name may be French but this is not your ‘nawlins creole...

Luquire Family Foods’ Carolina Creole is not to be confused with the creole sauces that pepper the state of Louisiana. Our recipe hails from Georgetown, South Carolina where we've cast our shrimp nets and frequented fish camps for generations and found inspiration to create a truly authentic creole you’ll only find on the Carolina coast.

Our rich and vibrant sauce is a unique recipe that has been handed down in our family like great old fishing tales - by word of mouth. The matriarch of our family, Josephine “Jo” Luquire, first crafted this recipe almost 50 years ago upon our family’s move to the small seaside town of Georgetown.

Since arrival, we’ve had our roots firmly planted in the pluff mud and focused our kitchen around using the plentiful bounty of our marshes, fields, waterways and storied rice plantations.


Carolina Creole consists of a different balance of spicy and sweet than your average creole and when the season is right we serve our creole with shrimp, but you'll also find it works beautifully with chicken, sausage, or vegetables. The sauce combines roughly chopped onions, bell peppers and tomatoes with our signature spices. Traditionally, Carolina Creole is served over our Long Grain Rice and topped with crumbled bacon, but we've found our Stone Ground Grits or grilled polenta cakes to also be a worthy match. When serving Carolina Creole, we’ve always got piping hot buttered biscuits and a crisp salad alongside.

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